Udinese faces Torino

Udinese faces Torino in a match from the 4th round of the Italian Serie A. Let’s take a look at this game at the Dacia Arena and see what’s going on with these two teams. Udinese kicked off their Serie A campaign in a pretty average way, having a record of one win, one draw and one loss from the first three games. The Bianconeri started with a draw against Parma in the first round, which was...

Can Arsenal win their first win for the new season?

Can Arsenal win their first win for the new season? Or to be more precise - their first point? On Saturday afternoon the Gunners host West Ham at the Emirates Stadium. West Ham is another team without a point won since the beginning of the campaign. It shall be an exciting season for Arsenal’s fans as Arsene Wenger finally stepped down, being replaced by Unai Emery. But it’s hard to say that...

Burnley faces Watford

Burnley faces Watford in a game from the 2nd round of the English Premier League. Let’s have a look at this clash at the Turf Moor Stadium on Sunday. Burnley did a terrific job last season, finishing 7th in the Premier League. Nobody really expected that Sean Dyche’s team is going to perform so good after winning a promotion to the elite division. Now Burnley began their season with a draw,...